As clean as a whistle!

This post is particularly aimed at any of you who are 'looking forward' to making your oven sparkle after all the Christmas and New Years meals have been cooked, cakes and puddings baked and any other in between treats that you might have fancied over the festive period. I'm giving it a go tomorrow!

Apparently all you need is vinegar (always a good cleaning agent), baking soda and a spray bottle.

Do the usual removing of all items in the oven, including the racks. Make up a paste of a couple of spoons of baking soda with a small amount of water into a bowl. Now spread this lovely paste inside your oven (remember only to do the parts that are not self-clean). The paste will start changing colour as the grease and food dirt starts to soften and dissolve. Some people will leave for at least 12 hours but I'm going to keep a close eye as I haven't done this before. When you think its ready to finish off the cleaning process, take a wet sponge or cloth and remove all the paste which is in the oven. The advice given is to then spray the vinegar onto any residue where you can still see the baking soda, and then wipe off.

Dry off and voilà! ...Wish me luck!

PS. This is not instructions on how to clean you oven. Always refer to your user manual/instructions on how to clean your oven.