DCC - Devon Resilience Innovation project (DRIP) offer Property Flood Resilience Survey

DCC - Devon Resilience Innovation project (DRIP) offer Property Flood Resilience Survey image

The aim of the Devon Resilience Innovation Project (DRIP)is to help communities at risk of flooding become more resilient and recover quicker in the event of flooding. One way of making a community more resilient is to ensure that vital community assets and services such as community buildings, local food shops and health services are protected and still available during a flood event.  Providing a free PFR survey and possibly funding recommended PFR measures to community assets is one of the grant in aid projects available to selected communities as part of DRIP.

As part of the Devon Resilience Innovation Project (DRIP), Devon County Council’s Flood Risk Management team is offering a free survey to identify what “Property Flood Resilience” (PFR) measures can be installed to selected businesses and community buildings.

Installing PFR measures can help reduce the impact and damage caused in the event of a flood. They include fitting flood proof doors, flood proof airbricks and non return valves on drainage systems. The primary purpose is to keep flood waters out of the property. More information on PFR and how it works can be found at www.befloodready.uk. 

If your business/organisation is a community asset as defined above, within the location Ottery St Mary, and you are interested in a free survey, please email Holly Cavill at JBA (Holly.Cavill@jbaconsulting.com) – Devon County Councils agents, who are acting on our behalf with:

Your name 

Your address

Your contact details (email and telephone) and

Your response to the following 2 questions:

1.Have you flooded previously? Please specify any known flood routes, e.g., front or back door, sewerage backing up etc.

2.If no, do you consider yourself to be at risk – and if you do, how? For example, you have a watercourse backing your property, or the road or your back yard was flooded in the past or water lapped close to your property threshold (ponding or flowing near the entrances to your property), or the property next door has flooded.

Surveys and funded PFR will be given on a first come, first served basis until funding runs out.  When we receive your email confirming you are interested, our contracted specialist surveyor (JBA Consulting Ltd.) will arrange a date to survey your property and assess the flood risk. The surveyor will then produce a report for your property recommending appropriate measures. Please be assured that following the survey report you don’t have to accept the recommendations.  Once we have the survey report we will decide which properties have the greatest need for PFR measures to be installed. This would be subject to property owner acceptance and subject to the funding criteria and eligibility.