It's a berry good year! image

It's a berry good year!

Nothing beats the taste of a just-picked, sun-ripened strawberry that you've grown yourself. I once read that strawberries are loaded with natural sugars. These sugars then rapidly convert to...

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Fabulous sized carrots image

Fabulous sized carrots

My cat managed to sneak in the back.

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Carrot surprise! image

Carrot surprise!

Still going in my garden, dug up these beauties for tea. What a treat they will be later.

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Garlic Planting image

Garlic Planting

This weekend I planted some garlic. Looking forward to seeing the results later on in the year.

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Oh what a beautiful morning! image

Oh what a beautiful morning!

This photo has been taken in my back garden this morning. I just love the crisp beauty of frost. It always looks so perfect.

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