Change4Life Sugar Swaps campaign

Change4Life Sugar Swaps campaign image

I really enjoyed reading this article. Think I could do with a little swapping myself. A simple but very true quote:
“If children have healthier diets, they do better at school, have better concentration levels and are more likely to become healthy adults. This Sugar Swaps campaign enables us to make simple changes to our diets, and provides support to parents who need it.” Dr Virginia Pearson

This quick summary shows how easy it would be to simply change a couple of things a day...

The Breakfast Swap: sugary cereal for plain cereal e.g. wholewheat biscuit cereal
The Drink Swap: e.g. from sugary drinks to sugar-free or no-added-sugar drinks
The After School Swap: for example from muffins to fruited teacake
The Pudding Swap: for example from ice cream to low-fat, lower-sugar yoghurt.

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