Community Market update from the organisers

Community Market update from the organisers image

"We are now at the end of July and it would be good to share thoughts with you.

It's difficult to know how to re-start the market when complying with the latest Government advice. It's not easy for shopkeepers - and it's even more difficult for the Market having to set-up from scratch, maintain social distancing and clear away again all on the same morning. We currently don't see quite how we can re-start while ensuring that the public, the stallholders and the WI Market Cafe will be as safe as can be. So, very reluctantly, we are putting back the re-opening a little more.

As usual there will be NO August Market and there will definitely be NO September Market."

The organisers have asked stallholders for their thoughts and ideas on what measures might make them feel safe to reopen. If you have any thoughts on this, whether as stallholder or customer,  please do post them in the comments below, and we will pass them on.

So please do contact the organisers with thoughts and suggestions.

For more information please visit