Fantastic meal at the rusty pig!

Fantastic meal at the rusty pig! image

I spent last night in the company of some fabulous old and new friends, Robin Rea and 2 danish chef cooks at the rusty pig.

Kasper Gaard a very well known danish chef together with his mate (Lui Snuffle) and Robin cooked some exciting dishes at the rusty pig(award winner of Taste of the West Gold). We sat at a table of 12, where every third person had the same dish! In other words both people sitting next to you had different dishes to your own! Then to add further intrigue the next course was cooked by a different chef to your first! Wow! also we were only told what we were served after we'd finished! They certainly kept us guessing.

Tonight and tomorrow they will cook again! to book your space at the table get in touch with Robin quick as seats are limited!

Found this picture of Kasper on pinterest.

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