Important news for all Ottery residents - COVID-19

Important news for all Ottery residents - COVID-19 image

We are about to enter a very strange and frightening time in Ottery. We are all worried about ourselves and our loved ones, and we on this list are probably worrying how we will pay our bills and our staff over the coming months.

The Volunteer team we have assembled - now nearly 400 people - will be compiling various lists and using different means to make sure the information is handed out to everyone who needs it and as many people as possible over the next few months.

The most important may be about food.
We want to make sure that we get the food that comes into Ottery to the most needy and vulnerable people. We will have a small team of volunteers who will be working with shops and food outlets to help make this happen. We will have access to emergency funds for those who may have no cash left, and we will be able to deliver food.

If any of you have a food operation and can help us organise this, please get in touch.

The second item is simply helping businesses. We want to help those of you who will be trading through the lockdown. We are compiling a list of who is open, what you sell, what offers you may have on... again, please email us on with as much information as you can and we will try and get you as much publicity as possible.

The one line we keep repeating as a volunteer team is that no one should go though this alone. Whatever happens, reach out, keep in touch and share the pain. This is a great town and we will get through this.

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