It's a berry good year!

It's a berry good year! image

Nothing beats the taste of a just-picked, sun-ripened strawberry that you've grown yourself. I once read that strawberries are loaded with natural sugars. These sugars then rapidly convert to starch once the berry has been picked. Hence why a freshly picked home grown strawberry tastes better. Also the fresher the berry, the sweeter the taste. This year has definitely been a good year for berries with high yield in produce. Some soft fruit growers are predicting a record-breaking year for British strawberries. I've just been maintaining my berries and thought it time to share with you some good tips.

-Keep them well watered! Don't let those strawberries dry out.
-Pick them regularly. Check your plant regularly. Pick them as soon as they are ripe, don't let them rot. What a waste as well as it may damage the plant. The more you pick the more they tend to produce.
-Keep an eye on those snails and slugs. I don't like to use slug pellets so am always trying out new things. Straw is still a favourite as you can keep your strawberries off the ground. It will also help suppress the weeds. Another good solution is a copper rim around the edge of your area or container. I have also grown strawberries in hanging baskets.
-You might even consider a net to go over the top of your plant as the birdies love strawberries.
-Keep them well de-weeded.

Last but not least ENJOY!!! fresh or with some cream.