Life Drawing sessions - A message from the artist...

Life Drawing sessions - A message from the artist... image

I started the life drawing sessions in Ottery at first because I wanted the opportunity to draw the human form myself. It’s such a unique challenge for any artist. So at first I put up posters just asking if there was an interest, to see what the response was like. Then after a week or so I could see that there was some real interest for a hugely varied and interesting bunch of people, which was great. So I took the plunge and started to look into a venue and also some life models too. The Institute seemed a logical choice as they had some small rooms which were perfect, and everyone in Ottery knew it too. Also Ron was a great help with bookings etc. Then I found a female model and later on also a male model too.

Then once I decided on dates I let everyone know and got prepared for night one. It was a bit scary as I hadn’t done anything like this before. So I stocked up on decent coffee and biscuits for everyone and then went along to meet the model in Exeter too. She was a great help, being very experienced, and having been involved in lots of these sessions also being an artist herself.

So with everything in place I turned up at the venue and waited for the first people to arrive. A few arrived and we started to position ourselves around the room setting up our easels etc, then I thought I should quickly check outside the door before we started. To my surprise there were another 5-10 people waiting outside as the door was stiff and the couldn’t open it. So we ended up being packed! The atmosphere was great though and we all got on and had a really relaxed evening of drawing, with a break for tea and coffee in the middle too. The first three weeks have all been well attended and we are about so have another 2 session with the male model. The first on Tuesday 20th August and the 2nd on Friday 13th September. So I’m sure they will go well too.

If anybody reading would like to join us please let me know on either or 07958 900 702