Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels parking, traffic and transport

Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels parking, traffic and transport image

Road closure map for this years Tar Barrel event!

There will be two times as previously advertised in the gazette.

The 1st closure comes into force at 3.45pm, the Yellow Pins with the white crosses denote the road junctions/closure points affected at that time. (The red lines indicate all the roads that will be closed)

The 2nd and main closure comes into force at 5pm, these road junctions/closure points are marked with Red pins with white crosses, If you have not made arrangements to get home before 5pm then please do not attempt to drive through any closure. Please use the car parks at either Exeter/Barrack rd or the Football club, or Otter Garden and home.

If you have to use the car parks please ask for a receipt you can then claim your £10 fee back.

If you are a resident and have to leave the town for work after the closures come into force, please make arrangements to park your vehicle outside of the road closure points around the town.

The Orange Pins with white house icons inside denote either road ahead or road closed with resident access only.

The Green Line denotes the diversion route around the town.

The Orange line's denote the restricted/No parking area's from 12 noon to 1am on the 6th.

As advertised in the gazette, the road closures are manned and blocked by vehicles no one except emergency vehicles will be allowed through. But, you can of course walk through them.

The only exception to this is Toad Pitt lane at the Exeter rd junction, that will be blocked by a vehicle but not manned. Residents access for Toad Pitt lane will be via the Bendarroch Rd junction in West Hill. For those residents, please ensure you have your driving license or some proof of address, our marshals will then let you through that closure point.

The same applies for the residents of Foxenhole and Foxenhole mill, Please ensure you have proof of address on you.

If you are a resident inside the closure points and have an emergency, and I MUST STRESS AN EMERGENCY ONLY and you have to leave the town. Please use the emergency contact number which has been placed in the next addition of the gazette, this will also be avaliable on our website just prior to the event. We have all the rescues to hand to help should you require them.

There will be a copy of this map available in our pop up shop next door to Abbotts DIY for everyone to see. 
Either Sarah Sanders or myself will try to help with any queries that may arise, an answer form anyone else will not be deemed as official. 
Are apologies in advance if this causes anyone an inconvenience.

Rob Wickham 
Event Organiser.

For more information please visit