Samosa Lady has moved!

Samosa Lady has moved! image

Tina has successfully adapted her business offering many takeaways throughout lockdown.  Tina did this so well that her business has grown to a point that she has outgrown her shared space at Fillfull really quickly.

Stuart, owner of Tickety Boo gave Tina the opportunity to expand due to the high demand.  Tina accepted and has now got her own shop again.

You will be able to find Tina - to order your real taste of India in Devon food - at 11 Mill Street in Ottery, so just a few doors up from the previous location.

You will be able to continue with pre-order take-aways and they will also be offering frozen foods to by Tuesday - Friday (11am - 3pm)

Tina finished off by saying "The new premises does offer more opportunities to create and expand on existing services in this ever changing environment we find ourselves in.  Do watch this space for new exciting initiatives we are planning!"

Good Luck Tina!