Test your knowledge!

We were invited by our friends to join their team on the quiz night to raise funds for the pre-school. It certainly was a good night out and the food was really good too.

The section about Ottery always come up. Not even the true Ottregians know the answers to some of these. Thought I'd add them so you could have a go at answering them.
Answers in my next post...
1. In which year was the Church of Ottery St Mary completed?
2. Just as the monks were about to fall over the cliff, one of the monks stubbed his toe on a rock. What did he say which broke the spell the pixies had cast on the monks?
3. The daily playing of the Old Ottery song is at which times each day by the church bells?
4. What year was the great fire of Ottery?
5. Which house at Kings school is Purple?
6. In which year did a plane crash-land in Ottery St Mary, in a field immediately south of the Salston Hotel?
7. Which member of parliament currently represents Ottery in the houses of parliament?
8. Ottery is mentioned in the book - Harry Potter - what is it called in the book?

(sorry if the questions are word for word but I've done my best to remember them and the answers... A. to share with you and B. so I don't forget them for next time!!!)

Good Luck!