Updated press release about incident that occured yesterday at Tipton Cross

As many of you are no doubt aware, there was an incident recently where a local pupil was offered a lift by a motorist and we arrested and questioned a man in connection with this. We also asked that people didn’t jump to conclusions whilst we investigated the matter.

Following police interview, no further action will be taken against the man in relation to him approaching the child. We are satisfied that no attempt was made to either engage or harm the child, and at no time was the child at risk.

We appreciate that reports of this type can lead to concern. Therefore we wish to reassure you that there is nothing to indicate that there is an increased risk to children in the area. We always take reports of this type seriously and investigate fully. As we have previously stated, we always encourage parents to discuss with their children personal safety, including what to if approached by a stranger and we are more than happy to offer advice in this area if need be.

If anyone has any concerns that they wish to discuss we ask that you speak to your school or the local police at Ottery via 101 or by emailing ottery@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk.