Some more goodies picked today from my garden... image

Some more goodies picked today from my garden...

Today, I picked apples, courgettes, marrows, potatoes, raspberries, sage, tomatoes, cucumbers, a couple of carrots and some seeds for next years' crops! Amazing stuff! I also sorted out my apple...

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Do you like gardening? image

Do you like gardening?

I love my little vegetable patch. It doesn't take up much space but is so rewarding when I harvest my crops. This year I managed to grow some carrots, beetroots, parsnips, courgettes, herbs,...

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Roasting parsnips... image

Roasting parsnips...

These too we're grown in my garden over the summer. Untouched by chemicals, made excellent roasted parsnips.

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24 Carrot gold! image

24 Carrot gold!

Last weekend I harvested some fabulous vegetables! These carrots tasted delicious.

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