Storms named for 2017-2018 image

Storms named for 2017-2018

Thanks to The Met office who have kindly published a list of names for storms in 2017-18 so that we know what to call them when they come round!A note has also been put on Fionn is to be pronounced...

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Frosty's late arrival image

Frosty's late arrival

As the festive period draws to an end, and people are returning to work, commuters were faced today with icy road conditions making it tricky on non-gritted roads. The MET office had issued a Yellow...

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Yellow warning of fog - 31 October 2016 image

Yellow warning of fog - 31 October 2016

The MET office have issued a yello warning of fog for today from 6.40 till 10.00. They've said dense fog patches will affect parts of eastern, central and southern England this morning. They are...

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Gertrude is on her way! image

Gertrude is on her way!

MET office have issued Yellow Warnings of Rain for tomorrow night and Saturday. A yellow warning (be aware) was issued earlier today. Please also be aware of the potential for further localised...

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Colder and more rain next week image

Colder and more rain next week

Met Office have forecasted further heavy rain before it turns colder next week! Today's forecast was "unsettled, wet weather... to continue into the weekend before the weather turns colder during...

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